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Compassionately Advocating for Your Case

If you are involved in the probate of an estate, it is important to keep peace in your family while you handle the legal side of such a sensitive matter. In order to do so, you need someone knowledgeable who you can call any time, day or night.

Rest assured, you can come to me, an experienced Mobile, Alabama, probate lawyer, and my secretary at Stephen E. Clements, P.C., to learn more about estate and probate administration.

You're the Personal Representative. Now What?

Alabama probate is generally required if the assets are solely in the deceased person's name. I am here to assist you, as the personal representative, in navigating the potentially complicated legal system.

If the deceased person left a last will and testament and named you as the personal representative, you are in charge of managing any trust, distribution of assets and acknowledging all parties involved. This is a major undertaking. Without proper legal representation, this process can take years and large sums of money to resolve. In addition, you could face legal liability if you make errors in the estate administration process. As an experienced attorney, I will assist you in developing the knowledge and tools you will need to find the best possible resolution in your probate case.

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To decipher your unique case, please call me, a an estate administration lawyer, for a free initial consultation. My office is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, I am available outside of those hours as needed, by appointment. I accept cash or check as a form of payment.